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Monday, 9th December 2002,   17:45

Welcome to the Chisholm College Intranet Homepage

Coming Events


Debating - Wednesday 14 Oct.
Chisholm College currently hold the debating title after an amazingly witty and gruelling performance last year over college rivals Glenn and Menzies. This year with the honour of hosting the event at home in Radford Hall, two teams of three will line up to battle it out over topics relevant to us all. The night will be a comic occasion taken in all seriousness.

Pool Comp. - Tuesday 15 Oct.
This is a chance for all of those billiard gamers who occupy the tables of the common room every eve, to come out and bask themselves with glory. The final event of the sporting calendar will see six players from each college lay it out on the table in search of the finest pool competitors of the year.


Euro Night - Saturday 19 Oct.
This is a dinner not to be missed. With a menu of over ten cuisines, and performances unique to European and Scandinavian college residents, this event provides and introduction to a culture of extreme diversity and elegance. Held at the Radford Hall, tickets will be on sale from the college office: $10 for residents and $12 for non-residents.

Gala Night - Monday 21 Oct.
This is a sporting vote count with a difference. It will be held at the Odeon and hosted by sports co-ordinators Josh and Tammy. Amongst the annual vote counting of sporting achievements and a reflection of the field tribes and tribulations, our stars and those not so talented are invited to take to the stage. The best act will be judged and announced by head of college Terry Collits at the end of the night before the party rages.

Benda - Friday 22-24 Nov.
This is the final fair well to all before the summer vacation begins. With a pub-crawl on the Friday night all are expected to back it up again on "The Hill" for the best day of the year. A free BBQ, jumping castle, sumo suits and DJ will be provided for your entertainment!


cracstar cracstar
Hosted at the South Melbourne town, compared by the college Guru, music from a band with a hot drummer, food that accompanied the swarve menus and an after party or two that saw the night of Saturday 31st August as one of the most extravagant events of the year for Chisholm College.

As the deserving King and Queen, Matty and the gorgeous Ebony took to the dance floor all followed suite to groove the night away in style. All, but those who perhaps felt the urge to make a quick dash to the lavatory? Thankyou for highlighting the pathway in case the rest of us would some how forget where to go.

As the night hazed into superbness, confusion swept through the crowds as one Bill sustained his class by taking to the stage with an inflatable lead guitar, whilst another disguised as Bill Clinton proceeded to smash an inflatable hammer around the hot drummers head.

For most, the night continued at the Spy Lounge where some enthusiastic Jaffy's took over a podium signalling to the rest of the troops where we were in the enormous maze of darkness.

And for anyone still standing, the stroll to Crown once again lead the regulars to reunite for quenching $2 fish and chips in the wee hours of the morning before staggering back to Chisholm for a couple of hours snooze, before the great Recovery, Beer Pong and dozing in the sun on 'The Hill' passed the day away.

cracstar cracstar

and the IT Guys
Benda "The Big Enda" 22nd - 24th Nov!!!