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The Big Enda!

benda 01

benda 01
The intensity of the sun begins its shower over 'The Hill' early in the days awakening of another year's finale. A feeling of Christmas morning lingers in the stomachs of those anticipating great things, or is that the remanence of the night before?

The grass has been shorn to the perfect 'lounging on' length and the BBQ sizzles soothingly in the distance. With slight hesitation and questionable application you pull yourself out of bed and prepare to begin again at the day of 'The'Big Enda'.

The festivities for Benda commence at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon of Friday 22 November. Whilst over two hundred residents literally crawl from pub to pub along Brunswick Street, a fair well and reflection upon the year transpires. However, it is not until the following day that a sense of admiration and completion creeps through the crowds.

Meanwhile a jumping castle, sumo-wrestling suits, fairy floss, endless beer supplies, a BBQ and a DJ are provided for your entertainment. But remember completion will not truly gratified until Casey brings out the bagpipes in the wee hours of the morning of Sunday 24 November. It is only then that the true entertainment of nakedness, slurriness and mischievous proceedings create a story of tales that will linger amongst the towers of the Concrete Jungle for another year.


If you have any tales to tell or photos of your mates being nude or generally stupid for the mag drop them in to Hazz at 1BM - #2881 ASAP!

cracstar cracstar


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Bazz:- illustrious leader of CRAC
Hey guys!

Joey:- 2nd in command!! and don't forget IT!
   Welcome to Chisholm College, the year that will make it all. Most people call us Bazz and Joey, but we also go under several other, sometimes indecent, titles. 2002 places us in the position of the social co-coordinators of CRAC (Chisholm Recreation Activities Club), so basically we plan to make your year at Chisholm lively, unforgettable and unforgivable! Provided for you will be many parties, sports, theatre, bars, international experiences and panadol!
We kick off the year with our O-WEEK consisting of 8 days where you will meet many people from differing cultures, indulge in some bizarre yet fascinating activities, most likely get naked and will certainly be introduced to many of the local drinking spots, which should keep you safe from near death Glenn College occasion.

   Get in there, show us what you're made of and in return you will receive the greatest college experience of your life! You can find us down in Flat 1, and we can't wait to run a muck with you all in O-WEEK!

Cheers and Gaduy,

Bazz and Joey


Bazz - CRAC Coordinator -Flat one - #1490.
Da Joey - CRAC Deputy Coordinator - Flat one - #1490.
Joshy - 3A - Sports Coordinator - #2876.
Tammy -9A - Sports Coordinator - #1013.
Abby - 12A - Theatre Coordinator - #1020.
Jo-anne - 10C - Secretary - #1017.
Hazz - 1B - Media and Communications Officer - #2881.
Krishna - 2C - International Coordinator - #2878.
Hassan - 4B - #2870.
Laura - 5C - 2895.
Fazz - 6C - # 2892.
Neenz - 7B - #2888.
Elvis - 8C - #2885.
Benis - 11B - #2905.

and the IT Guys
Benda "The Big Enda" 22nd - 24th Nov!!!