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Chisholm College IT Information

Monday, 9th December 2002,   17:46

IT Home

The Chisholm College IT Team is a group of residents providing computing services to other residents. They are able to provide assistance to residents wishing to connect to the University Network, or use the lab facilties provided by the College.

IT Officers are responsible for carrying out room connections and maintaining the Computer Labs; ie troubleshooting account problems, maintaining the Systems, acquiring paper for the printers.

The IT Officers are supervised by the IT Coordinator, who oversees the running of the College from an IT perspective. The Coordinator liases with the Chisholm Office staff and General Committee, and is your first point of contact with regards to suggestions/problems with the College Facilities.

Direct Connect File Sharing

Direct Connect is used between the colleges to allow file sharing without the problems associated with windows. This is a much safe option then file sharing with windows. To download a copy please click here.

Nimda Fix

The Nimda Virus FIX: Fix Nimda

1. Download to c: drive.
2. Disconnect your computer from the network (remove the grey plug from the wall).
3. Right click on the vet icon in your task bar and click on remove from task bar.
4. Close all applications down (MSN, ICQ, IE, etc ).
5. Click on start then run.
6. Type c:\fix_nimda.com /C

Klez Fix

The Klez FIX: Fix Klez

1. Download the Klez fix to c: drive.
2. Download the following help file. Klez Help File
3. Read the help file and carry out the appropriate action for your OS.
4. If you have any problems please call EXT1495 for assitance.

Master Browser Fix

The following reg files are to stop residents machines from becoming master browsers and slowing down the network. Please apply the patch for the correct OS.

Reg File for Windows 2000

Reg File for Windows XP

and the IT Guys
Benda "The Big Enda" 22nd - 24th Nov!!!