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Welcome everyone to Chisholm College 2002. It is easy here at Chisholm, with so many faces and people to meet, to forget about who fits in where and why. So to ease the burden I am going to explain how the Residential Assistant team and my position fit in! Linda Ward our Senior RA

Senior Residential Assistant Role

Firstly, the SRA is responsible for managing the RA team. This involves some administration duties such as organising the RA Duty roster, convening monthly meetings, and organising RA training. Most importantly, the SRA is available to the RA team for advice, counsel and to represent the RAs as a group, communicating their role and needs to others. The SRA works closely with the Head of College, Office Staff and CRAC co-ordinators in regard to all College operations and is actively involved with most selection committees and the General Committee.

The second major role is managing the Academic Assistance program. This program relies on established students who have expressed an interest in offering academic advice to others. Academic Assistants (AAs) are matched up with students requesting help from the same study discipline. At times the system falls short, but overall, most students manage to get a lot out of it, so get involved!

Residential Assistant Role

Residential Assistants are quite simply there to ASSIST you!

1) You can rely on the DUTY RA after office hours for instrumental and social support. Dial #8110 to contact the Duty RA who is responsible to:

- Unlock your room until 12.00 midnight
- Attend emergencies at any hour (fire, medical, nuisance)
- Address noise complaints at any hour
- Deal with maintenance concerns (electrical, water failure)
- Hand out pool equipment on weekends
NB. In the case of an emergency, always call the Duty RA in the first instance, so that they are then able to contact security to direct the emergency service to our college.

2) You can rely on your TOWER RA at any time to deal with your concerns whether they are personal, social or academic in nature. You may request that your RA act as a mediator to work through problems on the floor, or perhaps as a friend for counsel. In sum, any problems that you have with your floor should be directed to your Tower RA.

As the year wears on, you will begin to understand exactly how the RAs, AAs and SRA can help you. At this stage, all I can do is encourage you all to approach your RA and to feel comfortable in doing so. The RA team looks forward to meeting all of you throughout the year.

We wish you the best with your studies and life at Chisholm.

and the IT Guys
Benda "The Big Enda" 22nd - 24th Nov!!!