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"Application Procedure"

Application process:
The Application form seeks personal and academic information and asks each applicant to explain their reasons for wanting College accommodation. Two referees are also asked to comment on the applicant's suitability to College life. A $27.50 Application Fee applies.

Applications are processed as received but offers of accommodation are not made until an offer to attend La Trobe University has been notified to the student. For most students an offer is made by VTAC in January. It is then necessary to quickly contact the College and advise the course being accepted. Letters of offer for accommodation are sent in the week following first round placements, with successive offers made until capacity is reached.

Application criteria:

Preference is given to applicants who:
  • Live out of Melbourne
  • Demonstrate a capacity to be part of and contribute to College life
  • Provide referee reports which are consistent with applicants' comments
  • Meet the gender and course balance aims of the College.

Demand for College accommodation varies each year and is dependant on many factors. Applicants should pay close attention to information provided as it is not always possible to assist those who have not followed procedures promptly. The short time between university placements being made in January and semester commencement in late February does not permit much flexibility. Please contact the College office if you have any questions.

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