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Along the left are the chapters of the Glenn College Handbook which every resident was provided a copy of, but in case you "lost it" and for one reason or another wish to revise it here it is in all its..... glory.

21st October 2002

The 2002 academic year has almost been completed. This week will be the last one for scheduled committee meetings and social functions ending with Wednesday’s Valedictory Dinner, Thursday night’s last bar night and Saturday’s D Day.

From next week each one of you will be preparing and writing final year-end exams. May I take the opportunity to wish each and every Glenn College member the best of luck and every success for the upcoming exams! Let us all make sure that everyone has every available opportunity to prepare in quiet surroundings conducive to academic success. Let us respect one another’s rights to learn, to rest and to prepare for our respective exams.

2002 has been a good year for us at Glenn. Let us use 2002 as a fine base to launch an even better 2003! Work hard the next few weeks and thereafter enjoy a deserved summer holiday at home or anywhere else in our beautiful country!

Best wishes and good luck to you all!

Dr. Johann Le Roux
Head of College

"Living to Learn,
Learning to Live"
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