Armorial Bearings

The armorial bearings are a relatively recent acquisition of the College, and yet they have been readily accepted by the residents as they reflect the spirit and ambitions of the College and its people.

The design of the coat of arms, formally approved by the College of Arms in London, is an amalgam of the La Trobe University coat of arms and the armorial bearings of the family of Sir Archibald Glenn, the first Vice-Chancellor of the University, after whom the College was named.

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Glenn College Coat of Arms

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La Trobe University Coat of Arms

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Sir Archibald Glenn's Coat of Arms

The official description of the Glenn College armorial bearings is as follows:

Gyronny of eight Sable and Gules a Mullet of eight points voided and encircled by eight Escallops flukes inward Argent and for the Crest upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Gules A White-breasted Sea-Eagle (Haliaetus leucogaster) wings elevated and addorsed proper grasping in the dexter talons from underneath an Escallop Argent Mantled Gules doubled Argent

The College motto, which appears on the scroll beneath the shield is Learning to live, Living to learn. This motto was decided upon by the College's General Committee as it encompasses the academic, social and cultural educations which the College passes onto its residents.

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