Residential Assistants

John Dumaresq is the Senior Residential Assistant. He leads the team of Residential Assistants and is responsible for the after hours operation of the College. John is available to assist residents, if the Duty Resident or the Residential Assistants cannot be reached.

Residential Assistants are located on each floor of the wings (two per floor in North and South Wings) and are appointed to assist with academic and residential matters. All are approachable people, who are interested in the general well-being of residents. They can often provide assistance and/or referral advice for residents who are experiencing academic or general welfare problems. Residential Assistants also act as facilitators of the Academic Support Program under the direction of the College Head and will be able to refer you to other residents undertaking your subjects.

A key role of Residential Assistants is to establish and maintain acceptable behavior and noise levels on each floor. Residents must be prepared to work within such established guidelines and to be aware of others needs when living communally.

Residential Assistants are rostered so that one is on duty each night after the office closes and at weekends. This system ensures that there is at least one person available in College during weekends and when there is no porter on duty to assist with enquires, difficulties or emergencies. The Duty Resident on duty is usually able to contact the Head of the College or the Bursar with little delay.

Duty Residents have the first line of responsibility for security and the maintenance of good order in the College. Residential Assistants are expected to give a lead in creating a friendly but academic environment in the College and in assisting first-year students to make a smooth transition from secondary to tertiary studies.

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